Healing Practitioners • Transformative Experiences • Boutique Wellness Hotels

We created Pomale.com to inspire and empower people to proactively take charge of their health & wellbeing and make informed decisions about the way they live, eat and travel.

What you will find on Pomale.com

Healing Practitioners

Health & wellness professionals whose relentless, purpose-driven, passion-filled work makes the biggest difference for our health & wellbeing.

Wellness Retreats

Healthy, inspiring workshops, journeys and retreats that refresh, revive and restore your wellbeing and empower you to live your best life.

Boutique Wellness Hotels

Beautiful getaways, hidden gems that provide amazing wellness experiences off the beaten track and within your budget.

Everyday Wellness

Every journey comes to an end one day and then we need to apply what we’ve learned to our day-to-day lives.

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Pure Food

Natural, unprocessed, mainly plant-based food that deeply nourishes our bodies, feeds our souls and honors our natural environment.

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