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Pomale features a curated collection of transformative journeys, inspiring destinations, plant-based recipes and other things good in life.

The collection reflects our deep passion for healthy, sustainable living, for delicious food, for transformative journeys, for mindful living and all the small and big adventures that encourage and empower us to live healthier, be happier and stay inspired to create a good life for all of us.

Pomale brings the best of wellness travel, delicious food and healthy living to you.

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{Wellness Adventures}
Healthy, inspiring workshops, journeys and retreats that refresh, revive and restore your wellbeing and empower you to bring forth your best self. Now and forever.

Find journeys, retreats, festivals and online wellness programs

{Healing Destinations}
Safe, nurturing places that provide the support, inspiration and gentle guidance we need when we step out of our daily routines and explore new, healthy ways of living

Explore healing destinations, green spas, curated travel collections and wellness centers from around the world

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{Pure Food}
Natural, unprocessed, mainly plant-based food that deeply nourishes our bodies, feeds our souls and honors our natural environment.

Browse delicious, nutritious, plant-based recipes, meet our favorite chefs, dig deep into our resource library

{Everyday Wellness}
Wellness is not a one-time effort that you can do and cross off your to-do list. A life grounded in wellness needs mindful attention day in, day out.

Get to know bodymind experts from around the world, stay inspired and empowered on your path to healthy, mindful living

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