What’s Pomale?

Pomale also spelled Bumale, Bumali or Pomalo is a term from Southeastern and Central Europe. It describes a moment of relaxed happiness, a feeling of ease and lightness that comes along with a profound sense of peacefulness and the knowledge that everything is alright and life is good.

It’s similar to the experience of quiet joyfulness that sets in after a yoga workshop, movement class, or long massage treatment, while being deeply engaged with a creative project, during a trip to the ocean, or on a long hike through the mountains.

Pomale can be the response to the question “how are things going?” or “how’s life?” If you are relaxed, happy and in the flow of life, the response would be “everything’s pomale”.

Pomale can also be used in the context of slowing down. Saying “Pomale! Pomale!” means “Hey, slow down, take your time.”

You can do things the pomale way, which means that you do things slowly and you enjoy the process.

Pomale always comes with a profound sense of peacefulness and the knowledge that everything is alright and life is good.

Pomale.com – fueled by our passion for wellness travel & healthy living

Pomale.com originally evolved from our passion for wellness travel as a powerful source of inspiration for a healthy, happy way of life.

Wellness journeys take people away from their day-to-day environment, provide a sneak preview of what a healthy, sustainable lifestyle feels like and allow people to kickstart new habits that support the life they’ve always wanted to live.

The collection of wellness experiences featured on Pomale.com reflects our passion: authentic, integrative wellness experiences that are filled with sparkling inspiration, encouragement, and guidance for a healthy, fulfilling way life and provide ongoing traction for everyday wellness.

But we also know that every journey comes to an end one day and then we need to apply what we’ve learned to our day-to-day lives.

Turning healthy practices into daily habits is one of the most important cornerstones of healthy living. It’s what we do everyday that lays the foundation for sustainable wellbeing and happiness.

Especially the global pandemic in 2020 has shown us that although high-end wellness retreats and immersive experiences can kickstart a healthier lifestyle and provide a much needed health make-over, they are not a sustainable solution for long-term, integrated health & wellbeing.

We created Pomale.com to inspire and empower people to proactively take charge of their health & wellbeing and make informed decisions about the way they live, eat and travel.

The new focus of Pomale.com is on featuring the healing work of health & wellness practitioners worldwide, on online wellness programs and master classes that help people take care of their health everyday, and on smaller boutique-style wellness hotels that are more within the reach of people who are not affluent or high-net-worth individuals.

The collection you’ll find on Pomale.com and our reflections on mindful, healthy living provide guidance, information and motivation for a continued commitment to healthy, inspired living – day in, day out.

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Meet the Founder

Ulli Lagler Peck
Ulli Lagler Peck

Ulli (pronounced like Julie without the J) looks back to a long-time career in the corporate hospitality, wellness consulting and environmental nonprofit world. She managed day-to-day operations of restaurants, hotels, and resort spas in Austria, Switzerland, and the US, designed and developed wellness workshop & retreat programs for resorts and wellness centers worldwide and organized hundreds of workshops and seminars annually during her time as product manager with leading vocational training institutes.

In 2008 she launched The Wellness Agency, a wellness business management & marketing firm that helps wellness professionals around the world bring engaging, integrative wellness programs to life that inspire and empower people to proactively take care of their health & wellbeing.

Her desire to make research-based, immersive wellness experiences, authentic, boutique-style wellness hotels and the work of healing practitioners accessible to more people lead to the launch of Pomale.com in 2019.

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