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We are calling on boutique wellness hotels, retreat centers, small tour operators and mindbody experts who offer high-quality, integrative wellness retreats, transformative journeys and immersive experiences that inspire and empower people to proactively take charge of their wellbeing and take bold steps toward optimum health and authentic happiness.

Join us in our mission to make healthy, inspiring wellness adventures accessible to more people, in more places, more often.

Get your destination or personal profile and wellness adventure listed on Pomale.com and tap into a rich source of marketing opportunities that will get your message in front of the right people at the right time.

The world needs your genius, your travel programs and wellness services and we are ready to share the great news about you.

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Marketing Opportunities for Small Destinations

You are a boutique hotel, healing arts center or retreat center and have been offering transformative wellness experiences for a while or you just added new wellness retreats to your offerings.

You built it and you want people to come.

You are looking for opportunities to transcend your identity as hospitality business to building your brand as wellness business.

We’ve got you covered.

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Marketing Opportunities for Retreat Leaders

You are a health or wellness professional, physician, yoga instructor, mediation teacher, creative coach, nutritionist, fitness coach or similar wellness professional and have been offering wellness workshops and retreats for a while or you are just getting started in that business.

You thrive on being with your clients and helping them heal, learn and live their lives to its fullest potential.

You love what you are doing but you absolutely despise talking about the great work you do. You do not want to brag about yourself! And you don’t have to!

We’d love to do the talking for you!

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Be heard. Be seen. Be known.

Put your property profile or personal profile on Pomale and get found by wellness travelers and health-conscious customers who are looking for wellness retreats and healthy destinations.

  • Get in touch with people who are looking to join your retreats, attend your workshops or book individual stays now or at a later time.
  • As wellness property, get in front of event coordinators, retreat facilitators and other businesses that are looking for the perfect venue for their wellness programs.
  • As mindbody professional, connect with wellness resorts that are looking for wellness experts who can join their resort as visiting practitioner.

Get the word out about your wellness programs & retreats . . .

Your Wellness Adventure Listing on Pomale

Your wellness workshops, journeys or retreats cover topics ranging from yoga, meditation, mindfulness, fitness, nutrition, personal wellbeing, authentic happiness, kids wellbeing and women’s wellness to resilience, creativity, emotional intelligence, leadership development and related wellness fields.

They are authentic, high-quality programs that provide deep learning immersions and transformative experiences and encourage, inspire and empower people to proactively take charge of their health and wellbeing.

Your retreats are ready, now you need to spread the word and make sure that people will come.

We can help!

Get your retreat information on Pomale

Each retreat gets its own landing page with detailed information about your retreat and  your business or personal background (with a link to your personal or business profile on Pomale).

  • Transcend the limitations of your corporate or personal website and promote your workshops & retreats on a central portal that’s unique in its comprehensiveness, design and functionality.
  • Create a vivid vision of the experience you are offering and make it crystal clear why people should attend your retreat and what they will walk away with.
  • Links to your website and social media platforms and an online booking inquiry form (hosted on Pomale) are included.
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More Foot Traffic

If wellness retreats are your passion but not your core business, it can be challenging to be heard in the noisy world of wellness travel marketing.

Let us do the talking for you.

We keep the focus on your wellness retreats, our eyes on your audience and are ready to spread the word about you 24/7.

Take advantage of the online “foot traffic” we can create for you and get in front of visitors that may not have found you otherwise.

Sell More Retreats. Faster.

With Pomale we created a specialty shopping mall that’s dedicated to promoting and selling healthy, inspiring journeys, workshops, retreats, festivals as well as individual and group getaways. We want to make it easy for health conscious customers to find you and register for wellness adventures that help them live healthier, feel better and be happier.

Our goal is to connect you with health conscious consumers directly and make it easy for you to sell your programs. You built it and they will buy from you. Hopefully now, maybe a little later.

Editorial Support

Need help creating a vivid picture of your retreat that makes it crystal clear at a first glance who the retreat is designed for, what benefits it provides, how it will change the lives of your retreat participants and what they walk away with?

You’ve come to the right place.

We’ll review your retreat and profile submissions and provide feedback and editorial support if necessary. That includes copy writing, editing as well as photo research and image optimization. We want your content to be strong and highly visible!

Quality Control

We review each listing application and only accept retreat submissions and resorts that are recognized for their positive impact on people’s wellbeing and meet our highest standards for quality and authenticity.

We take that seriously and will immediately remove property or personal profiles that are misleading. We will also remove retreat listings that trigger negative reviews or a high number of complaints.

You can rest assured that your name, your retreat, your property is in good company on our platform.

Joint Marketing Opportunities

As partner of Pomale you can participate in several additional marketing and advertising opportunities that we offer through our media partnerships and own initiatives.

Find your retreat or property represented at international travel expos and wellness events, gain access to joint advertising opportunities in wellness magazines and participate in social media activities that run across multiple platforms of Pomale and its media partners.

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