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Travel planning isn’t for everyone

We are here to turn your wellness travels into a magnificent journey

We’ve been there, done it. Booked a much needed wellness retreat in a stunning location. Found a last minute flight to get us there. Got to the airport just in time to hop on the plane. Nothing to eat on the plan. Aargh! We should have thought about that. Arrived on time but got stuck in traffic on the way to the resort. Hello! It’s the weekend. Everyone is heading that way.

Retreat was amazing, transformative, inspiring.

Got stuck in traffic again on the way to the airport. Yes, it’s Sunday evening. Everyone is going back home! Flight gets delayed because of too much air traffic. Arrived back home late, exhausted and ready for another retreat.

Where did our relaxation go? Was this a good investment? Did we make a mistake?

We should have known about the traffic to and from the retreat. We should have slowed down a little earlier, take a couple extra days of vacation time to allow for a slow arrival and smooth return. We should have known better. We should have planned better . . .

Travel planning isn’t for everyone!

Let us do the leg work for you!

The wellness experience you just booked is a gift to yourself. You probably spent a little more money than you usually pay for a vacation. So you want to make sure that you get as much as possible out of your journey.

But there are things to do. You need to book your flights, you need to arrange for ground transportation. Will you have to arrive a day early to get to the retreat on time? Stay a day longer? Where should you look for hotels? Any recommendations anybody?

If travel logistics aren’t your thing, get in touch with us.

Tell us where you want to go, when and why. You do the talking, we listen and we take notes. Lots of. Then we get to work.

We book your flights and research your best options for ground transportation, may it be cab, car, train or bus. We reserve additional nights for you at the retreat venue or other hotel, provide you with recommendations for restaurants close by, things to do, places to see and take care of any other travel details.

The result: an itinerary that embeds your retreat experience in an absolutely delightful journey, from the beginning to the end.

Ease into your wellness experience!

You just made an important decision about your health & wellbeing. Keeping your Why in mind and holding on to your intention will impact the way you go into the retreat and influence its outcomes. We’ll make sure that your itinerary is aligned with your original intent. If adventure is your thing, let’s do it! If you want tranquility, peacefulness and personal attention, we’ve got you covered.

A few days before your retreat begins it’ll be time to start slowing down a little. Yes, that’s really hard, we know! But stay with us. We have some mindfulness practices for you that help you connect with your breath, stay in the moment and naturally relax into your being without diminishing your productivity.

We got this!

Not sure what to bring along? We’ll send you a packing list, you put in your suitcase what you like, leave at home what you don’t like.

We know that things tend to get hectic before a departure. With our checklists you are in good hands. You’ll find everything on there from turning on autoresponders to watering the flowers and taking the dog to doggie camp. Just follow the list, check off what you really need to do, cross out what’s not important.

Too many things on your mind, can’t remember the travel details? Don’t worry! We’ve got all the details covered and make sure you have the right information at hand when you need it, where you need it. Just breathe, follow our guidance and everything will be good.

Meet your wellness adventure guides . . .

Ulli Lagler Peck

Founder and owner of Pomale and The Wellness Agency®.

Experienced hospitality professional, passionate about wellness travel and healthy living, organizational expert, life hacker and productivity nerd.

Ulli sees obstacles as an opportunities to shine and the words ‘this can’t be done‘ usually make her perform a little happiness dance before she counters with a cheerful ‘watch me‘ and takes off.

She firmly believes that wellness retreats provide a doorway to a better way of life and that everyone should attend at least one wellness retreat every year.

Her super powers: Putting people at ease, creating clarity for everything and everyone, making things look easy.

Favorite words: Let’s do this!

Amy Quinn

Travel & Wellbeing Consultant, certified mindfulness teacher with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI).

Amy is an avid traveler, passionate about helping people connect to their Why on their journeys and well known for her popular program The World Within Reach that combines mindfulness and travel in an experiential workshop.

Her super powers: Bringing people together for memorable conversations, thoughtful dining experiences and an inspiring travels.

Favorite words: Why wait! Start your journey today!

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