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The origins originally evolved from my love for wellness travel. I still love it. It’s an incredible source of inspiration and empowerment for healthy living. We all need to get away from home, look at our life from a different perspective and try out what healthy living feels like, before we can take steps toward our ideal self and optimum wellbeing.

When we launched in the fall of 2019 things were going really well. Our small but fine collection of wellness resorts, immersive wellness experiences & retreats, plant-based recipes and reviews of online wellness programs was growing at a good pace and everyone loved the design, the content and Pomale’s mission of promoting healthy, inspiring wellness experiences. We had our first paying customers and were working day and night to create new content that inspired, encouraged and motivated people to proactively take care of their health & wellbeing.

The quandary

I should have been happy. But I was not. Some whisper inside of me made its way to the surface and I just couldn’t get out of my mind that:

01 Most wellness resorts are only affordable for a small group of affluent or high-income individuals.

02 Every journey comes to an end one day and then we need to apply what we’ve learned to our day-to-day lives. It’s what we do every day that matters most to our health & wellbeing.

03 The true inspiration for sustainable change in the lives of many wellness resort guests frequently seemed to be coming from a wellness practitioner they happened to meet at the resort they visited. So it was not so much the setting of the resort that initiated their healing process – although many of these resorts provide stunning settings with incredibly nurturing and attentive staff and amazing wellness programs. True healing was initiated by that one person they connected with.

The widening gap

I also couldn’t help but notice that the gap between what the wellness industry was offering and what people really needed to stay well & healthy seemed to be widening each year. While the wellness industry grew into a trillion dollar industry, the health & wellbeing of people worldwide was declining at an unprecedented rate, with preventable lifestyle diseases being on a continuous rise.

Yet I knew so many holistic wellness practitioners, solopreneurs and small business owners, whose relentless, purpose-driven, passion-filled work made a huge difference in the lives of anyone they come in touch with. But their voices were drowned out by the white noise of big wellness corporations, social influencers, trends and fads who claim to hold the key for people’s health & wellbeing.

A changing world

In 2020, when due to COVID19  the world for so many small wellness businesses seemed to be falling apart, Pomale was no exception. Wellness resorts closed their doors, travel marketing was out, retreats were cancelled. In May 2020 I decided to take down and focus 100% on my core business The Wellness Agency®, a boutique consulting firm that provides marketing, management and VA services to small businesses in the health & wellness industry. My clients needed me more than ever. Everyone frantically tried to take their business online and I was glad I could provide the technical, creative and marketing guidance and hands-on support they all needed.

New beginnings

It was during long conversations with my clients, visiting practitioners and healing professionals from all over the world that a new vision for emerged: connects healing practitioners and wellness professionals with people who need their services and makes healthy living and integrative wellness adventures more accessible to more people in more places.

I still believe in the transformative power of wellness immersions and retreats. But to really make a difference for people’s health & wellbeing, wellness-focused activities and practices have to become an integral part of day-to-day living. With personal guidance of experienced practitioners, supportive communities and research-based, integrative wellness programs thriving can become a day-to-day reality for most of us.

Together we can do this!

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