Silvia Imperadori

Wellbeing & Transitions Coach

Silvia Imperadori is an Italian wellbeing & transitions coach, currently based in London.

Silvia originally started her career as business lawyer, supporting the top management of a large European bank with mergers & acquisitions. Working 14 hours a day, sometimes 6 or 7 days a week, she enjoyed this fast-paced, competitive, dynamic and exciting work environment but also knew that it was not her true calling.

Inspired by Muhammad Yunus and his social venture Grameen Bank, Silvia left the corporate sector for a new position as project manager of child sponsorship programs in India and in Africa, where she could put her unique skill set – a blend of highly intellectual capabilities and a compassionate heart – toward a good cause.

When asked to take the role of Staff Wellbeing Manager for a large charity based in the United Kingdom, she gladly accepted and truly enjoyed looking after the wellbeing of stressed employees who had to deal with vulnerable, abused and neglected children on a daily basis. Her new job as HR Manager was to create a safe space for these employees to talk about their work dynamics, performance and aspirations.

In 2015, striving to stay true to her core values – Integrity, Authenticity and Generosity – she decided to leave the charity world and set up her own coaching practice called The Coaching Island.

Silvia now works mainly online and supports senior leaders all over the world to take their businesses to a higher level of success.

Silvia also offers regular coaching retreats in Italy, her home country, where she picks out the most beautiful venues with the most amazing food that provide a safe, physical and emotional space for her retreats where participants can reflect, learn, walk, explore and breathe.

Her coaching business and signature retreats allow Silvia to fully align her strengths, values and purpose: helping as many people as possible, especially women, become a better version of themselves.

“It doesn’t matter what your title is nor how much money you make. It doesn’t matter how famous you are. But what does matter is: did you make a difference?”

Workshops & Retreats with Silvia Imperadori

Follow Your Dream!

May 13- 16, 2021
Lake Iseo, Italy
Starts at GBP 1,580
A transformational leadership retreat for women who are ready to follow their dream and claim their role as leaders in their professional and personal lives.
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